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Scott Proctor

Braves win in 19 and the call was probably the right one

On first glance, it looks as if Lugo is out by a mile. On a close inspection, it swipe tag may have missed and Jerry Meals stated he saw daylight between the glove and the player. Meals wasn’t out of position and he was in the perfect spot to make the call. I’m not 100% sure either way, but Meals was where he was supposed to be to make the call. As for the Pirates filing a formal complaint, what a bunch of babies. An ump making the wrong call screwed the Braves out of a game last year in the NLDS and you didn’t see them crying to the Commish.

McKenry has no one to blame but himself. He threw down the swipe tag and Meals says his missed. McKenry should have put the glove down and kept it there for Lugo to tag himself.

Make sure to watch the whole video and look at what happens when a pitcher averages an at bat a year.

Video courtesy of MLB.TV