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Estrada, Hampton, and Cox get thrown out by Doug Eddings

During todays game on April 29, Tim Hudson got in a little dust up with Doug Eddings. Joe Simpson mentioned an altercation between Johnny Estrada and Eddings. I kept the video and it is hilarious when Estrada just gets tired of Eddings' jawing. I miss Cox and Estrada. Hampton, not so much.

Video courtesy of TBS


Steelers draft David DeCastro

Video courtesy of ESPN


Guy tries to sell 5 Braves 90's Championship rings

On the History channel there is a show called 'Pawn Stars.' Here is a video clip of a guy trying to sell 4 NL Championship rings and the 95 World Series ring.

Video courtesy of The History Channel


Outstanding version of 'Ava Adore' by the Smashing Pumpkins

'Ava Adore' is a decent song although it is somewhat lacking in punch. The studio version is electronic and somewhat sterile. I heard this live version and it simply blew me away. Lots of energy and a solid rhythm section easily pushes this to my favorite Smashing Pumpkin song.

Video courtesy of Palladia